Alaska: State of Entrepreneurship

By Nolan Klouda, Center for Economic Development Executive Director


Did you know that Alaska has one of the highest rates of new businesses being launched in the country? Or that only 6% of Alaska business owners are younger than 35, but more than half are 55 or older?

Just in time for CED’s First Look event Thursday, May 10, we’re happy to release our new report, Alaska: The State of Entrepreneurship. You should definitely download and read it right away if you’ve ever wondered:

  • How important are startups to creating jobs in Alaska?

  • Which parts of the state show the highest rates of entrepreneurship?

  • Are Alaskans more (or less?) entrepreneurial than the national average?

  • What are the age, gender, and ethnic demographics of business owners?

  • ...and more!

With this project, we’ve sliced and diced data on startups in Alaska that we haven’t seen published anywhere else. To keep things interesting, we interviewed several Alaska business owners to see how their experiences compare to the big picture trends. We hope you find this report to be interesting, stimulating, and maybe even fun to read. So take a peek!

Alaska: State of Entrepreneurship