Exciting changes at CED

Margo Fliss and Richelle Johnson

Margo Fliss and Richelle Johnson

Margo Fliss is stepping into a new role – Manager of Strategic Engagement – and Richelle Johnson is joining the team as Lead Analyst.  

As CED's former Lead Analyst, Margo led a number of high profile projects at CED, most recently as co-organizer for the VOLT49 renewable energy sprint, strategic planning for the Aleutian-Pribilof region, and managing the Americorps VISTA program. Her new role as Manager of Strategic Engagement draws on her expertise in stakeholder engagement, consensus building, and action-oriented strategy. She displayed incredible talent at strategic engagement during the two-plus years she’s been at CED, and our team is thrilled to be able to offer increased services to our clients in this area.

Richelle joins the CED team from the Regulatory Commission of Alaska where she helped rural communities resolve energy challenges. Prior to this, she completed an internship at the Alaska Energy Authority. As Lead Analyst, she uses her expertise in quantitative analysis, economics, and research to advance economic development on behalf of CED’s clients. A talented analyst with deep knowledge of Alaska’s economy, Richelle's skillset and approach to projects will be a huge asset to our team.

Congratulations Margo, and welcome Richelle!