Young Professionals Summit Takeaways

Margo, Ian, and Richelle

Margo, Ian, and Richelle

Margo, Richelle, and Ian attended the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Young Professional Summit last month. The summit theme was “LEVEL UP: Learn, Grow, Inspire” and favorite panels included “Flippin’ a Biz: the Art of Buying & Selling” (Jennifer Thompson, you are always FIRE) and “Climbing in Tandem: Success in Pairs.”

These are their takeaways:

“I really enjoyed the entrepreneurship panels because they had a wide variety of perspectives, ranging from people just starting out to people selling their business - the whole spectrum was represented. The speakers were so authentic and generous with their time and advice, it made me feel like I could do it too! ! I left feeling excited and inspired about someday launching my own business. ” - Margo

“The Young Professionals Summit was an awesome opportunity for networking and learning. Sessions on leadership, investing, and entrepreneurship were informative and diverting. When complemented by speeches from our Mayor, Senators, and others, the conference cam together as a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience.” - Ian

“The Young Professionals Summit was an excellent blend of professional and personal development. I found the attention on entrepreneurship of specific interest. Exposure to entrepreneurial ideas helps create opportunities for thy generation and boosts the Alaskan economy.” - Richelle

Learn more about the summit from KTVA: 2018 Alaska Young Professionals Summit.

Thanks Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and the Young Professionals Group for putting on a great event!