Essential Road Trip Snacks AKA Goodbye Santi!

Santi is ready to hit the road!

Santi is ready to hit the road!

Our AmericorpsVISTA, Santi, is heading home the long way — driving from Alaska to Florida.  To send him off we all bought our favorite road-tripping snacks since he’s going to need a lot of them!

Here’s what each of us chose:

Toffee peanuts and water, coffee when you can get it! That’s pretty much it. But in general, things that are crunchy: this ranges from apples and carrots to chips and those weird Green Pea Snack Crisps. And maybe skittles or something peanut buttery. And cinnamon chewing gum! - Gretchen

M&Ms: Easy to eat on the move, sugar to keep you awake during the eighth, ninth, tenth hour of driving, and they don’t go bad (as long as you leave the lid on) - Ian

Pistachios: Mostly because Santi is obsessed with them. They are also an activity, not just a snack — which is great when you’ve been on the road for too long! - Julia

Popcorn: For no reason other than its fun to eat and you can eat basically 8 pounds of it and not feel bad or tired of it. It’s also easy to eat without taking your eyes off the road. -Richelle

Twizzlers, circus peanuts, and also pistachios: I love circus peanuts and believe everyone should try them at least once. My grandmother used to buy them from random gas stations when we were on a road trip, and it’s a fond memory we share together. Santi will be super sugared up for his long driving adventure! -Margo

Fruit slices and Pringles: This weekend, I went on a road trip myself and found that a good go-to snack (besides apple and banana slices) was Pringles; even better, the can fits in any cup holder! - Sam

Ground coffee, a pour-over, camp stove, and freeze-dried meals. If you’re like me, coffee comes first and food is secondary! You might also get sick of M&Ms for dinner after three consecutive nights--not that there’s anything wrong with M&Ms for dinner;) - Nolan

Enjoy the snacks Santi, and drive safe! We will miss you.