Announcing CED's Upstart Internship Program

By Gretchen Fauske, Associate Director


We are excited to announce our new Upstart Internship program!

Here’s how it works:

CED places University of Alaska students in two different areas of focus: startups and research programs.

Students with a startup focus will learn about entrepreneurship and what it means to be a founder, while the startup founders get to work with the University’s best and brightest as they grow their companies.

If selected for a research focus, students will learn from CED’s analysts as they dig into work that will inform Alaska’s future. All participants will have the opportunity to engage in impactful projects that will not just build their resumes, but further their understanding of Alaska’s economy.

Students work 10-20 hours a week (with flexible scheduling to balance academic work) and make $18 an hour.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Midnight, September 15, 2019.

STARTUP FOCUS: Apply here (application deadline midnight, Sept. 15)

We are recruiting one intern for each of the following startups:

The Launch CompanyWork alongside Ben Kellie at The Launch Company, which specializes in all of your rocket-launching needs, including the development of CONOPs, trade studies, designing of custom hardware, schematics and more. The Launch Company needs an intern immersed in mechanical engineering who is a nimble thinker, likes to solve puzzles, and gets things done. Oh, and did we mention rockets?

Alpine Fit — Jennifer Loofbourrow created Alpine Fit, an Alaska-based apparel company that makes activewear for outdoor-loving, hard-working women, with a mission to be economically and responsibly-sourced. Jennifer’s ideal intern is motivated and challenge-seeking. One day you might help envision ways to streamline manufacturing and organizing the shop, the next helping with a photoshoot and writing marketing content. Don’t apply if you’re scared of sewing machines — it’s all hands on deck for this collaborative team, and sometimes that means helping make the merch!

LegalVerse — Legalverse - When Jeff Levin of Legalverse saw a problem, he provided an answer. Legalverse is a SaaS (software as a service) company providing innovative document management tools for lawyers. Their chief product is a solution for lawyers to tackle the tedious problem of document management and review. Jeff is looking for a programmer (CS/MIS/Math) student ready to work on a high-risk/high-reward project. Be ready to learn through practical experience and to bring your most innovative self to work!

Gennaker Systems— Drones? Check. Virtual and augmented reality? Check. Join Bradley Pizzimenti at his startup, Gennaker Systems, which specializes in developing autonomous drones capable of flying between remote villages and their regional hubs. Whether you want real-world opportunities to use your skill in mechanical or electrical engineering, are a coder who’s interested in backend and customer interface components of software, have experience with robotics, or like to test equipment, Gennaker has a place for you!

To find out more about the startup positions contact Margo Fliss at

RESEARCH FOCUS: Apply here (application deadline midnight, Sept. 15)

We are recruiting three interns to contribute to a project for the University of Alaska Center for Economic Development. Interns will work on assessing the market potential for small-scale nuclear reactor deployment in Alaska and modeling what the context for initial first users would look like. Interns will conduct interviews with energy stakeholders statewide, collect and analyze energy data, and assist in organizing and facilitating focus groups and more. Interns will also have the opportunity to spend time as an intern at Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls.

The work will involve both quantitative and qualitative analysis, including review of secondary literature, public datasets, conducting interviews, and generating reports. All majors are welcome to apply--successful candidates will be able to articulate their interest in conducting research, energy, and economic development in Alaska.

To find out more about the research positions contact Richelle Johnson at