Things we're celebrating today

Gretchen Fauske, CED Associate Director

Rainbow macarons from Sweet Caribou

Rainbow macarons from Sweet Caribou

We believe in regularly celebrating our accomplishments and milestones. Not just because we want an excuse to eat delicious macarons from Sweet Caribou or taste various mini cakes from Fire Island (although we definitely enjoy these activities!), but because celebrating small wins boosts our quality of life.

And so, with that in mind, these are the things we’re celebrating today:

1) The recent award of two grants that will support a good chunk of really exciting work for us (more on these in another post)

2) Birthdays! Happy birthday to Richelle, Gretchen, Margo, and Ian (all July and August babies)… and MAYBE happy birthday to Baby Klouda. We’re taking bets re: if the due date (August 28) is correct.

3) Julia is part of a team traveling to San Francisco for an immersive investment training experience by WeFunder and is also attending the Kauffman Foundation One Million Cups conference next month.

4) The Alaska Startups initiative was shortlisted for a University Economic Developers Association (UEDA) award, and Richelle was invited to give a Lightning Round presentation at the conference.

5) Ian is headed off to his first International Economic Development Council (IEDC) class, Introduction to Economic Development. This is the first step on the journey to becoming a Certified Economic Developer!

6) Gretchen was invited to participate on a panel for the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce “Make it Monday” about Women Business Leaders on August 19.

7) Nolan presented to a group of students at Alaska Seeds of Change, and they made funny faces behind his back. This brings us joy. (Also, he said it was a wonderful experience and is already looking for a way to return!).

What are you celebrating?