CED offers a suite of services to support our clients. Whether you want to investigate a new business venture, set goals for the future, or offer CliftonStrengths coaching to your team, we can help:

Applied Research - Whether it’s analyzing startup activity in the state, authoring a feasibility study for a wilderness lodge in rural Alaska, or evaluating statewide economic strategies, CED makes research work for our clients by customizing solutions to their challenges. We bring in-depth knowledge of the nuances of economic development in Alaska, and an emphasis on actionable insights rather than research for the sake of research.

Planning and Advising - Research alone isn’t enough to move economic development forward. CED works hands-on with clients to turn knowledge into action through an imaginative yet proven set of tools. We are in our element when it comes to creative solutions for spurring economic growth at the local, regional, or community level--urban and rural alike.

Entrepreneur Development - Sparking and cultivating entrepreneurial talent is critical for the Alaska’s economic future. Our work helps grow entrepreneurs and builds a diverse social network to drive innovation. Whether focusing on problem mapping, customer discovery, prototyping, or innovation sprints, we build custom events called “Catalyzers” to meet client and community needs. CED also manages Alaska Startups, which offers online resources for founders and shares stories of Alaska’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Professional Development - CED is committed to promoting excellence in the field of economic development in Alaska. We provide training opportunities for our economic development colleagues, including classes offered through the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). We are active members of the University Economic Development Association and engage with practitioners across the country.