Upstart Internships

CED places University of Alaska students in two different areas of focus: startups and research programs.

Students with a startup focus will learn about entrepreneurship and what it means to be a founder, while the startup founders get to work with the University’s best and brightest as they grow their companies.

If selected for a research focus, students will learn from CED’s analysts as they dig into work that will inform Alaska’s future. All participants will have the opportunity to engage in impactful projects that will not just build their resumes, but further their understanding of Alaska’s economy.

Students work 10-20 hours a week (with flexible scheduling to balance academic work) and make $18 an hour.


Why Upstart? By definition, it’s someone who rises suddenly, springs into existence, or starts up. We think that sounds a lot like a student taking a leap into the dynamic world of startups or applied research! When we crowdsourced reactions, our friends and colleagues said that upstart means “new,” “beginning,” “starting out,” “a go-getter,” and “someone who gets things done.” Sounds about right. If you’re an upstart, join us!


Program Features 

The Startup Internship program features the following:

  • Semester-long internship for 10-20 hours per week

  • Professional development workshops to broaden participants’ understanding of entrepreneurship in Alaska, learn startup tools, and develop soft skills

  • New peer connections through the cohort experience

  • One-on-one career coaching based on Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment

  • End-of-program event to reflect upon and celebrate achievements made during the program

  • Participants make $18 an hour


  • You must be currently enrolled in the University of Alaska Anchorage

  • You must be able to commit 10-20 hours per week for the entire 12 week internship


September — Application and placement period

October - November — Program participation

December  — Internship closes, all participants attend an end-of-program event