what we do

An Overview of Our Services

The University of Alaska Center for Economic Development (CED) leverages the resources of the university system to support economic growth in Alaska.

Whether it’s analyzing the potential for microloans, authoring a feasibility study for a fish processing facility in rural Alaska, measuring return on investment for state programs, or building Alaska’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, CED is guided by our mission to promote economic diversity through entrepreneurship, community building, and action oriented strategy. CED provides technical assistance in the form of information and data, and implement specific projects and programs that promote economic development across the state.

Our work spans Alaska, from rural villages to urban cities. We welcome projects that provide the chance to learn more about our great state while working to advance economic opportunity for our fellow Alaskans. Our clients include government entities, corporations, tribal organizations, non-profits, and more.



Applied Research

  • Business planning
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Local and regional plans
  • Market and economic research
  • "Strategic Doing" facilitation
  • Strategic planning (organizational and community)

Entrepreneur Development

  • Intro to Entrepreneurship Workshops
  • Rapid Ideation Sessions
  • Technology and Innovation Sprints
  • Mentoring Sessions

Professional Development

  • Management development training
  • CEDS training
  • Economic developer professional development (IEDC accredited courses)